But who writes the articles and coordinates the site? Here is a more detailed portrait of the creator of Gput – all the valuable input of Georgia Miller. After all, you have to know who you’re dealing with!

What is your life path?

Long story short, I have undertaken several study programs (social work, arts, and letters, human sciences, social research, psychology). After a few years of trying to find my way academically, I decided to quit school and go into the workforce. I worked for a few years as an administrative assistant/office clerk in different environments. Then I went back to school to get a certificate in psychology and a B.A. in social work. I believe that my life experience brought me as much as my studies. Today, I have decided to work as a freelance blogger and offer coaching services (personal and professional). I love it!

What are your best qualities?

I have an insane curiosity! I’m an excellent listener and very open-minded. I am an organized and versatile person who likes to do a lot of things. I am very persistent and I always find solutions to problems. I am positive and have an excellent sense of humor.

What are your flaws?

I am impatient…very impatient! I want everything to happen right away! Imagine how much I’ve struggled so hard while building this website! (Haha! I have no experience in building a website.) I am a very demanding person when it comes to both myself and others. I’m also very stubborn.

What are your passions?

I love music! I listen to it a lot, it makes me feel good! I love everything that is social, psychological, political… In short, human! I love humor, sarcasm, the absurd. I love to cook (when I have enough time) and to garden around (I have two or three containers on my balcony… watch out when I get to my future house!). Otherwise, I love visiting new places, putting my feet in the water, and discovering unknown artists.

What are your small pleasures?

Putting my feet in the water, going on a terrace and having the sun in my face, chocolate, discovering a new place, being by the sea, taking a long walk, listening to music, playing with my nephew… I have many little pleasures! That’s what makes life wonderful!

What fruit represents you? (Funny question)

I had to answer this question recently in a group and I had a hard time choosing. Then I finally figured it out! Kiwi. Why kiwi? Because when you don’t really know me, you don’t really know who I am. But when you manage to break through my shell, you discover several personality traits. For example, when you don’t know me, I seem rather reserved and sweet, but when you get to know me, you realize that I’m a bit crazy and I have a pretty good temper.