Cleaning a Bathroom

A thorough spring cleaning can seem a bit overwhelming when you think of all the time you will have to spend cleaning not just your house but also all your outdoor areas. There are a few tips that can help you start cleaning a little bit more efficiently.


Cleaning a bathroom can seem difficult but by using the proper cleaners such as Tilex restoring a shine or maintenance products such as Any cleaner, ScrubMarine, or any of the disinfectant cleaners that use natural microbes it can make many jobs much easier. Try to use disinfectant cleaners to clean surfaces of the sink, the tub, toilet, and sink basin.


When it comes to cleaning, due to most countertops being used for food preparation including cutting boards, it’s easy to see the dirt that builds up year after year. It is recommended to clean the glass surfaces with a solution of Simple Green or a commercial glass cleaner while wiping down the countertop with a rag filled with hot water. Once you get the proper cleaning products, it will be as if you are doing them blindly.

Coffee Pot:

Many, if not all, end up bringing coffee pots to the dump. Many of us don’t have the proper metal coasters for storing our coffee pots and humidity from the air around our home. Simply storing the coffee pot in a humidity free or non-humidity area will ensure a clean appearance.


Many of the traditional cleaning products that are used on sinks are not cleaned well; after just a few years you can see spin marks where people have wiped spoons across the sink not realizing the impact on the stone. Grime build-up in sinks is another area that is often overlooked. There are specialty cleaning products that can be used to greatly improve the appearance of a clean sink, one of them being the products called Liquid dishwasher level cleaner. By using a light but relatively warm temperature and a non-abrasive cleaning solution that is specially formulated to not leave streaks, the grime is easily lifted from the sink surface.


Cleaning out the oven can be difficult. Use an oven cleaner along with a liquid fire- extinguisher and chemical resistance gloves. Remember to have a plastic lining to put over the burners as they will dirty quickly, and to rinse closely as to not spread the mess, which can be very toxic, if left for an extended period of time.

Walls & ceilings there are several products on the market, all designed to clean painted surfaces. Even though they work very well, they do not have the ability to remove dirt, so the grease builds up more. If you use the correct product and don’t leave a streak, you can be assured that your walls will always look clean. Some of the best are from liquid all-purpose cleaning products such as Scrub pixels and Remove own products.


One of the dirtiest spots in the house is the refrigerator. For those who find this a tedious chore, decreasing the temperature in the refrigerator can help provide a level level of cleanliness that is much better, yet another advantage. Scrubbing with a fiber brush attachment sprayed on with the proper product gives service to the interior of what can be cleaned. Spray the mirrors with generic glass cleaner and wipe with wadded up newspaper dipped overnight in a mixture of 1/4 cup ammonia and 1/4 cup water. Can also be sprayed on a cloth, a toothbrush, or any other rubbery object. Rinse until it is dry.

There are 2 things that you should never forget when cleaning a refrigerator. Once pruning, use the natural power of the sun to disinfect the inside shelves, windows (inside or out), etc. You should eat into the pantry shelves and if you find the shelves too dirty add more shelves. You should clean drawers weekly by performing the following two techniques; adding equal parts of vinegar and water with a damp cloth, or adding baking powder to a damp cloth, and wiping with a dry cloth. You should also wipe down the lids with a solution of equal parts white vinegar with warm water, then rinse thoroughly. Using a drying brush will help to remove the remains of spilled foods and the chemicals that may have been applied to the outside of parts.

By following a schedule that seems simple to you, and by doing your spring cleaning the proper way, you will be well on your way to having a clean home!