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It’s hard to describe me in a few words… A bit of madness, a bit of cheerfulness, an inordinate curiosity and a willingness to help could quickly describe me. With a bachelor’s degree in social work, I wanted to get off the beaten track and create my own path. That’s how Gput was born, a blog that puts forward our possibility to realize ourselves and create our own happiness. I work on it every day and I want to live it all together through the blog. On this site, you will find a big part of me: madness, a will to give myself the strength to succeed, a curiosity to discover (self-discovery, but also discovery of a multitude of activities!!) and a lot of sharing! Have fun!

Georgia Miller

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Cleaning a Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom can seem difficult but by using the proper cleaners such as Tilex restoring a shine or maintenance products such as Any cleaner, ScrubMarine, or any of the disinfectant cleaners that use natural microbes it can make many jobs much easier. Try to use disinfectant cleaners to clean surfaces of the sink, the tub, toilet, and sink basin….

How to Create a Decorative scheme

Do it yourself projects are a real niche market, with home and hobby stores selling timed kits. You can pick up individual tools or complete kits in various degrees of complexity for less than $100. DIY’ers display their projects in all sorts of places-in their houses, garages, and basements. Some are terribly crafted for the writer (and sometimes the writer cannot write). .